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Software / Database Integration

KEDIA Infotech designs Web-based database applications that allow your customers to shop and order online, browse and search catalogs, perform research, retrieve personalized information and much more. KEDIA Infotech specializes in developing custom database-driven web applications that can be interfaced into other systems throughout an organization.

Database-driven Website deployment offers the ability to separate content from presentation. First storing the desired information in a database or accessing existing databases reduces development costs. The Web pages are generated automatically using the defined templates and data from the database. This approach is much more efficient than creating every individual Web page and link 'by hand'.

The burden of on going site maintenance is also greatly reduced using database integration technology. Web pages can be updated dynamically by changing the information in the database itself. Changing information in the database takes much less time than manually creating new web pages or editing Web pages by hand. Creating an HTML template once and merging it with new content is a more reliable way to publish information with a consistent layout no matter how many times the content of the page may change.

Database integration technology also enhances Web interactivity. For example, an automated search agent can search your database periodically for information of interest to your customers, and it can email the results. Your database-integrated site can automatically alert customers to new product releases or price changes, or forward Web-generated leads to sales representatives and distributors instantly.

Some areas of our expertise are:

  • User Profile Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Processing and Billing System
  • Online Catalogs
  • Message Boards or Forums
  • Search Engines
  • E-commerce Inventory
  • Mailing List Sign-ups
  • Employee Databases
  • Online Appointments / Scheduling

KEDIA Infotech Database-Driven Website

Static Website pages are a thing of the past. You need dynamic content in order to get the most out of your website. All of today's most successful Websites are dynamic and driven by a database.

Custom database-driven websites will increase the efficiency of your company and maximize profits because you will no longer have to wait for static changes to be made to your site by a designer. Instead, you will have the power to do it yourself easily and without the hassle of having to learn any programming.

So now you know the benefits of having a dynamic website, but how do you get one? KEDIA Solution's experience with dynamic, database-driven websites is extensive. Our web database design will give you complete control over your dynamic websites. Check out our web based content management systems to learn more about how our Web database designs can help you.

KEDIA Infotech is a high-end web application and custom development firm providing website design, online database design and integration, PHP / MySQL programming, website marketing, web development, e-commerce infotech, and website hosting for small, medium, and large companies.

We design web-based database application that allows your company to take advantage of the best technology to expand your business. It is through these custom web database applications that the Internet will become the medium for the next century.

Why Custom Database Design?

To gain repeat visitors, you must provide content that is updated on a regular basis. This may be anything from press releases, company newsletters, product updates, tips and techniques, and any other type of content you think your customers would benefit from. We can add these applications to your already existing website to make it more dynamic or we can create a website based on custom database design software that will allow you to place content on your website from anywhere.

We design dynamic database driven websites, e-commerce sites, and a wide variety of database-driven web applications for a wide range of businesses. We take pride in offering quick, effective, and inexpensive custom database design software. Check out samples of our site in our portfolio section.

If that would help your business, KEDIA Infotech would provide the guidance you need to take the next step to automate your website by design of a database-driven application. Our development and design teams have many years of experience in programming and database design which we will use to launch your idea across the Web. We can give you realistic expectations of what can be accomplished on the web and provide you with a detailed proposal for your project.

Website Database Development

KEDIA Infotech provides web programming, internet programming, sql database development, website database design and hosting, content management solution, and internet support services. The Internet has evolved beyond "brochure-ware". Companies are taking advantage of the power and efficiencies of the Internet, and database driven applications, to attract new customers, and better service existing customers by providing the information and tools that today's Internet customer demands.

If your Internet programming project requires an experienced database consultant - look no further. We are database specialists. Our knowledge has been honed through years of hands-on database programming experience of large-scale application utilizing many different database design techniques.

Our revolutionary content management system offers unparalleled power, ease of integration and design flexibility. A server-side solution, clients using our web services are guaranteed to always have the latest updates and can take advantage of new features as they are introduced. At KEDIA Infotech, we provide the programming services to make your website fast, efficient and functional. We can easily take your existing website and incorporate database driven website functionality without extensive re-working of your website design. We offer high-performance web hosting and web database hosting infotech to meet the needs of your intensive Internet database application.

Because your website will continue to evolve after the design stage, we offer professional website support services for your new or existing website. We invite you to browse our website and contact us if we can provide more information or start to provide the services you.


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