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Insurance Software

This application is created to give insurance companies the ability to allow their inspectors to submit claim reports with photos. A customer can also log in to the sytem to view their claim and see the claim's progress. This system reduces the amount of paperwork that needs to be done to process an insurance claim. Learn how Inspectors and end customers can  uses Kedia’s electronic Insurance Claims Adjustment system  (KEICAS)

Most insurance companies want the same thing.

      Agents that produce. 

      Customers that endure.

       Profits that grow.

To make this happen in today's soft market, where pricing pressures and competition are fierce, companies must focus on yielding greater efficiencies and performance from operations and service. Combined, these factors are driving a need to acquire, manage, personalize and present information embedded in an organization and put it to work. On demand, for customized use and in any format requested -- be it email, fax, web, wireless or even the old stand-by hard copy. At MVI Solutions, that's just what we're here to help you do.

Here are some reasons why you would want our insurance software:

Future Trends

Future trends to watch are toward globally-based information; recognition that warehousing is essential to support Web-driven information needs; better integration, availability and practical application of any information driver and/or cost reducer; and a paradigm shift away from front-end systems driving warehousing. MVI Solutions is here to get you ready for tomorrow, today.

Data Marts

We have seen a measure of success in the deployment of specialized marts that facilitate focused queries. While not robust, these data marts often provide relief from small problems so you can focus on more immediate problem areas. Data mart solutions are inexpensive, quick and easy to construct, thus making them ideal for instant solutions to a large number of insurance data problems.

Smart Applications

Our insurance software solutions incorporate intelligent forms and customizes the process to prevailing state regulations. Customers are guided through questions, after which their signature is captured electronically. At the end of each day, the business is automatically transmitted to headquarters for processing. "It automates as much of the enrollment process as possible so the agent can spend more time selling". This not only pleases commission-driven agents, but also results in a needed increase in productivity.

Paperless Transactions

When it comes to tapping the opportunity, it's not a matter of technology making a conquest of traditional worksite marketing, but traditional worksite marketers using technology to extend their conquests. "You have to have the backroom technology in order to survive in this marketplace. Either you have to have it or you have to buy it. And when the industry moved from having to process paper applications to being able to electronically submit applications, you had major changes in cost structure."

Colonial Life, for example, continues to thrive and develop its niche through the face-to-face approach. However, 90 percent of new business is now submitted electronically, through a paperless process culminated by electronic signature capture. Not to mention the money saved by not spending so much on paper resources.

Internet Viewing and Entry

Do you have a need for your agents, customer service representatives or policy holders to access -- and enter -- data for policies, claims forms, applications, invoices, correspondences or other key documents via the Internet? We have the technology to make it happen today. Use the Internet to format and deliver information, and reduce -- and even eliminate -- substantial printing and mailing costs. Enable agents, claims personnel, customer service representatives and others to instantly manage critical policy holder information online, thus speeding up their service and strengthening customer relationships.

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP)

The Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment feature gives insurers the ability to view and pay premiums online. It also puts billing information in their hands when they want it, how they want it and with greater functionality and interactivity than a traditional printed bill. You can personalize each bill to carry relevant offers for new products and services, enable customers to analyze account information and encourage "self-serve" customer care. Thus turning your bills into a strategic tool. Whether you have a biller-direct or distribution/consolidator model, we can create an EBPP solution for you. Just contact us and ask us how.

Document Maker

This system performs data merging, document assembly and business rules creation to automate enterprise-wide document production for such applications as insurance policies and bill statement presentments. It provides device-independent technologies that allow you to assemble, individually print, archive and deliver documents in a variety of ways, including over intranets and the Internet.

Policy Holders

"Establishing a relationship directly with the policy holder has often been a challenge." Automation of many steps has stream-lined the process significantly and Web-based approaches offer the possibility of reducing or even eliminating face-to-face meetings. While it's hard to match the power of the personal touch, an intelligently designed interactive web application - with access to live customer support or sales staff - can provide many of the benefits of personal meetings at a fraction of the cost.

Policy Production

With our insurance software you can create, publish, distribute and archive high volumes of personalized policies, quotes, endorsements, cancellations and renewals. This can be done for any carrier, any line of business and in conjunction with any rate quote system. Our software will also enable anyone in your production process - around the world, across town, down the hall - to create policies and supporting information. Policy holders get immediate response, as their local agents access, update and print policy information right in the office. With MVI Solutions  , it's all possible.


Representatives can electronically access policies and other critical data to verify coverage and to automate and personalize subsequent document packages and correspondences. Everything from letter templates, previous correspondences, claims manuals, processing guides, and medical and legal briefs can be electronically archived and merged as needed to create finished correspondences. You can also send output to high-speed printers, PCs or the Web for distribution and archive them for future reference. When it's time for claims settlement or litigation, all relevant information is available in one place -- instantly from the desktop. Call Kedia at 91-40-3918 2128 or send email at .


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