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Fully Redundent Network

We have choosen the heart of Hyderabad for our data center with only two things in mind, over-engineeering and quality.We are commited to making a solid investment in the best infrastructure and equipment out there for our customers. Global Connectivity via:


Currently we have 90% more cooling capacity and electrical input, which allows us to provide sufficient electric power and cooling. We are one of the few facilities that are able to provide access to fiber travelling to any point in India, Asia of the World, so that you can host your mission critical services.


The data centre provides redundant power systems with an inline powe backup using MODE UPS systems and diesel generators with ample standby fuel. In the event of a power outage the generator is started within a few minutes and transfer power to the UPS for changing.

The MOE UPS, controls and constantly monitors the quality of power so that all equipement receives 240 volt power, all the time Moreover, the UPS and generators are tested weekly to avoid power disruptions.

Cooling Systems

The data center is safeguarded by redundent indoor cooling systems that are kept at an optimal 22*C +/- 2*C temparature. The cooling systems offer an accurate and reliable control of humidity, airflow, and room temparature that improves that working conditions for the susceptible electronic equipment.

The data centre has been constructed with1200 sq ft of 300mm raised flooring and an N + 1 LG Air handling system.

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