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Data center

In today's business environment, organizations in every sphere recognize the need to become more nimble and respond  quickly  to  changing  circumstances.  An  on  demand  business  allows  them  to  serve  their  customers better and improve their ability to operate in the market place. The  data  center  of   KEDIA   is next  generation,  green  data  center with  all  the  latest  technology features located  at Swapnalok Complex ,  Hyderabad,  India. The data center will provide numerous world-class facilities to enrich India's IT.

Data center Solution
Kedia, having implemented several  projects and proven its skills, also provides solution on Data center needs while working as a consultant to the customers. The major deliverables for different tiers of data center are :

Non IT Consulting Services

  • Architectural Layout
  • Power Solution Power Calculation
    • Design of power solution
      • Uninterrupted Power Supply
      • DG Genset and/or Secondary power
  • Cooling Solution
    • Precision Air Conditioning
    • Chillers
  • Designing of Physical Security
    • CCTV
    • Access Control
    • VESDA
    • WATER Liquid Detection System
    • Rodent Repellent System
    • Fire Detection & Suppression system
  • IT Consulting Services

    • Servers Sizing
    • Storages & Backup Sizing
      • SAN Storage
      • SAN Switch
      • Storage Management Software
      • Backup Software
      • Tape Library
    • Networking (Switching/Routing/Security designing)
      • Internet Routers
      • Core LAN Switches
      • Application Switches
      • External Firewall
      • IPS
    • Racks and associated Components
      • Open Racks for Networking Components
      • ISP Server and Networking Racks for aesthetic look
      • KVM Switches for Server Remote Management
      • Server Load Balancer for Optimum Performance
      • Structural Cabling – Copper and Fiber Backbone
    • Desktops for NOC
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