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What is Smart Card ?

Smart Cards is one of the Emerging Trend and likely to be popular in coming time. A smart card contains a "chip" with memory and is typically used to hold customer account information / Points / Money / Balances. The card is inserted into a device called as Smart card reader that can read and write to it updating information appropriately. It is more secure than a magnetic stripe card and can be programmed to self-destruct if the wrong password is entered too many times.

Where I can Use Smartcards ?

Loyalty Programs, Electronic Cash, Health club, Library, Utility & Identity Card … and of much similar type of applications.
Store owner / Big Shopping Malls uses & knows how good Gift card program can be useful to keep old customers coming back again and again.

What is SmartCard  Solution ?

KediaInfotech Ltd develop solution which will address to Loyalty programs + Electronic cash + Utility & Identity card. This solution is flexible and can be Molded / Customised as per requirements.

Salient Features of Smartcard

•  Complete Program lifecycle Management – Personalization / Issue /   Transactions.

 User Friendly Interface.

 Encryption and PIN capabilities reduce risk of theft and loss of Card.

•  Blocking / Reissue Facility.

•  Compatible with any International Standard of Card Readers.

To have Smart Cards program working for you, Need 3 things put together:

•  SMART CARDS (variety, very economically priced)

•  SMART CARD READERS (variety, very economically priced)

•  eSMART CARD SOLUTION (Kedia Software)


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