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Kedia infotech Ltd has made development easy by offering S.C.O.S.T.A Toolz These tool allows you to set up your file space and set your security parameters. For a full, highly detailed Technical Specification on a S.C.O.S.T.A. Card part number or to when you purchase S.C.O.S.T.A Toolz, you must sign a Kedia Infotech Ltd S.C.O.S.T.A. Card NDA.

Your development solutions start with Smart Toolz, featuring a powerful DLL for entry-level creation of a memory card solution. For multi-function applications, S.C.O.S.T.A. Toolz can be added-on to SmartToolz. For specialized applications, Kedia Infotech Ltd provides the Movie Gold API for movie theaters, Trakplex for hospitality and gaming and Printplex, provided with a hardware coupler, for card issuance.

As part of our range of tools, Kedia Infotech Ltd also offers third-party options from our marketing partners. All KediaInfotech Ltd development software is compatible with the Microsoft Windows environments including Windows 2000. For some helpful examples, check-out our downloads page.At Kedia Infotech Ltd we let you choose what's best for your business. We offer the widest array of choices in the market today. Each Card Operating System offers specific benefits and drawbacks.

There are predominately two styles of Card Operating Systems. The Classic approach treats each card as a secure computing and storage device. Files and permissions to these files are all set by the issuer in advance. The only access to the cards is through the operating system. There is no back doors, no reconfiguration of file structures on the card. Data is read or written to the card through permissions set only by the issuer. The operating system performs a set of applications such as authentication and encryption as requested through commands sent to the card. This type of card is the most cost effective in many business settings because you only pay for the size and functions that you specify.

The S.C.O.S.T.A. Card Family from Kedia infotech Ltd and the FIPS2000 system are products in this Style.

The second methodology is the Disk Drive approach to card operating systems. The OS has an active memory manager, this allows you to load onto the card specific applications and files. The Card Operating System allows for active file allocation and management. It is designed for card programs that have a long expected user life (4 years +) Multos, the Kedia Infotech Ltd  S.C.O.S.T.A.TM OS, and the JAVA Card OS are examples of this approach.

The advantage of these cards is replacement costs for cards can go down but the first issuance individual card cost is more expensive. These card architectures need a larger memory for future unplanned upgrades and a larger program memory to upload applets. This translates to larger semiconductors at a higher cost. This approach also comes with a licensing burden that is ultimately paid by the card issuer. Also, the security infrastructure costs are much higher to manage due to the multiple points of entry to the card system functions.

Kedia Infotech Ltd  does not manufacture replacement cards for satellite receiving systems. Although our products can be used in high security applications such as satellite receivers, high-security authentication, and transfer of value; they are not compatible with currently deployed systems such as Direct TV and IP TV.


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