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Kedia Infotech Ltd offers a variety of contactless cards built for access control and transportation applications. All of these cards are the standard CR80 size and assembled with high quality PVC for superior printing. We offer the cards in 2 basic frequencies with 3 base card types 125KHz (HID Prox┬«), 13.56MHz (Mi-Fare┬«) and a combo card that operates at both frequencies. These cards are available with and without the Kedia Infotech Ltd smart modules for contact applications as well as all of the options you have come to expect from Kedia Infotech Ltd  including Custom Printing, Badge Slot Punching, Signature Panels, Personalization and other options like bar codes and magstripes.

Designed by Kedia Infotech Ltd these cards enable the application of:

                • Rapid Card Identification for access control
                • Ease of use in high traffic applications such as buses, ferries or theme parks
                • High daily use applications such as Badging and Transportation
                • The Storage of a Digital Certificate or PIN Number along with a electronic purse

Securely holding a user's data, and money, the Kedia Infotech Ltd Mi-Fare Smart Card “CLXSR001KP1” and “CLXSR001KP2 “provides for multi-application capability across many industry standard devices. These cards are segmented with 16 separate areas to safely hold value and data.

Blank PVC Cards - Mifare ISO 14443A Module







Mifare 13.56 MHz

CR-80 Size - Std Credit Card Size
32 Mil (780 microns) Thickness
Standard Photo Graphics Grade Card
Blank White - Glossy
Mifare Classic - 1k Memory Module

Mifare - Specifically Formatted for use with Luckys iGuard - 1k Memory Module
Options - Minimum 3000 Cards to Add Options
  • Add Magnetic Stripe - LoCo - 10 Cents per card
  • Add Magnetic Stripe - HiCo - 16 Cents per card
  • Add Signature Panel - 10 Cents per card
  • Printing 4 Color Each Side - 40 Cents Each

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