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Remote Infrastructure Management

Kedia's Remote Infrastructure Management Services is an enterprise-class 7x24 proactive monitoring and preventive maintenance service for MSP to prevent their end-customers' IT Infrastrustruce from break downs. Kedia is well-equipped to preventively monitor.

Infrastructure Management Services

Traditional IT support & controls are insufficient to prevent business from IT breakdowns, and make companies loosing money on IT downtime. Kedia offers affordable, real time, proactive IT monitoring and preventive maintenance to reduce risks in the face to today's ever changing IT complications and to defend against loss of productivity, extra cost paid on employee idle hours etc.

Kedia's Remote Infrastructure Management is an enterprise-class 7x24 proactive monitoring and preventive maintenance service to prevent customers's IT Infrastrustruce from break downs. Kedia is well-equipped to monitor the IT Infrastructure of enterprises all over the world from its state-of-the-art Network Operation Center (NOC) based in Hyderabad.

Kedia provides the right combination of people, proven best processes, powerful technology, and accurate subject intelligence. Kedia Remote Infrastructure Management Services provide your organization with substantial advantages of:


  • Round the Clock Support
  • Proactive and Preventive
  • Cost saving
  • Access to best practices
  • Advancements in Technology
  • Gain scalability
  • Sharpen Management Focus
  • Operational Freedom                         

How do we do it

Kedia Network Operation Center engineers provide a high level of vigilance that enhances the enterprise's IT posture and maximize uptime to a highest level. Its highly trained SMEs help you protect business-critical IT assets running optimally for your business to perform fastest and bring best results.

Our offerings

Kedia Network Operation Center experts follow best practices and standard procedures to ensure consistency in the delivery of service excellence. And the threshold intelligence and early warning notifications that they provide are available via a secure Web portal. So your organization can conveniently access detailed research, in-depth analysis and expert guidance on mitigation strategies, giving you up-to-the-minute information on the latest threats facing your network.




Proactive Monitoring   Preventive Maintenance and Management
  • Servers
  • Operating Systems
  • Network Services
  • Utilities and Backup
  • Applications (Mail, Database, Terminal Server etc.)
  • Network and Security Devices
  • Asset Management
  • Software Deployment
  • Spyware/Malware Protection
  • Remote Control
  • Patch Management
  • Help Desk Assistant


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