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For mobile workers on-the-go, access to corporate applications and e-mail is essential. With our Mobile Computing solutions, we've got just what you need to keep in touch wirelessly. Our applications enable:

 •  Mobile office 
 •  Enterprise wide messaging 
•  Client relationship/contact management 
 •  Mobile marketing 
 •  Device independent mobility 
 •  Mobile payments 
 •  Fleet management 
 •  RFID based monitoring and much more

Be it hosted services or on-premise licensed applications, Kedia Infotech Limited offers the full suite of solution to enable enterprise mobility. Specific requirements for Telemetry, SCADA and Control applications can be custom developed using the embedded device technology.

JUST SMS is an innovative solution from our brain banks that captures the value image of SMS among the mobile users. It is designed & developed on the basis of an information exchange platform and can cater services to users irrespective of the service provider or the mobile instrument. What it does is to just make vital information available round the clock, to those in need at any given point of time and also offer innumerable service options to be pricked from the service menu, thus saving the user's valuable time and money in procuring the required information or availing the services. Services range from general enquiries, enquiries of value options, service bookings, ticket booking, booking confirmations, payments, purchases, delivery tracking, advertising, promotions, sales and so on.

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