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ATM and POS Controller Modules are available as an extension to the ecomport system. Support is provided for authorization traffic from Visa, MasterCard and other card schemes, including proprietary traffic. The ATM and POS Controller Modules working in conjunction with the communications message switch and processing system provides the functionality required for non-stop, real-time management of ATM and POS networks.

The smart card is a global phenomenon, widely used by banks, enterprises and loyalty programs. Well defined global standards and relative ease of implementation make the smart card an effective tool and has contributed to its wide acceptance.

Additionally the security of online transactions and the flow of financial information are becoming increasingly complex, and a major concern for all businesses. Here, smart cards help in a great way and serve as the primary authentication device essentially to facilitate non-repudiation.

Kedia Infotech Limited has invested substantially in adopting global standards and pursued the design, development and manufacturing of Smart Cards and related peripherals, Customised solutions are also available.

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