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There are actually several different types of advanced multifunction cards. Typically manufactured from PVC and 10 to 30 mils in thickness, these cards each have unique advantages. Kedia Infotech Ltd can help assess the most suitable technology for specific applications. Selecting the best card platform is the first step towards developing a successful application.


Smartcard comprise some of the most sophisticated card technology available today. Commonly referred to as chip cards because they have an embedded microchip, these cards are capable of storing up to 64K of data and include a high level of security which is local to the card. Considerable proficiency is required to be able to work effectively with these cards. Kedia Infotech Ltd specializes in building smart card applications and has the experience needed to architect even the most complex applications.

Many of our cards are in stock and available in blank white PVC stock for immediate delivery. They can be custom printed and encoded on your desktop by Ordering printer here.Small quantities of cards are available in packs of 10 cards only. If you need samples of a card type that has a minimum order quantity listed please contact us to discuss your program we have sample development stock on many of these cards.

SLE - 4442 Secure Memory Smart Card

 SLE-4442 Chipset

Blank CR-80 SLE - 4442 Secure Memory Smart Cards


The SLE-4442 Secure Memory Card is one of the most popular "Smart Memory Cards" in the world.  This chip includes an intelligent 256-Byte EEPROM with Write Protect Function and Programmable Security Code (PSC).  This chip contains and EEPROM organized 1024 x 8 bit offering the possibility of programmable write protection for each byte. Reading of the whole memory is always possible. The memory can be written and erased byte by byte.

Data can only be changed after entry of the correct 3-byte programmable security code (security memory).

SLE4442 Secure Smart Card
Code: SLE4442

Memory card with SLE4442: 256 Bytes of protected EEPROM memory.

By means of a three digit PIN the memory can be protected against alternation of the data. The information contained in the chip (except the PIN) can always be read. The first 32 Bytes can be protected irreversibly.

CR-80 SLE4442 Chip Smart Cards - Printed

Allow us to Pre-Print your PVC or smart cards with your logo, image or other information.  Pre-printing saves you time and money.  The SLE4442 is a perfect card for your gift or loyalty program, IT Login, or other applications that you develop using our Smart Card Development Kit.

Standard Card Printing Services:

  • CR-80 Cards (Smart Cards or PVC)
  • Pricing includes SLE4442 Module
  • Full Edge to Edge Printing (Full Bleed)
  • Cost of printing includes the number of colors specified per side
  • Turn around time is 2-3 weeks after proof approval
  • Static or Sequential numbering available (Included in Pricing)
  • Bar Codes - Available (Included in Pricing)
  • Printed on an Offset Press using a 4 color process.
SLE - 4428 Secure Memory Smart Card

SLE4428 Smart Card
Code: SLE4428

Programmable Security Code verification logic. All the memory, except for the PSC, can always be read. The memory can be written or erased only after PSC verification. After eight successive incorrect entries the error counter will block any subsequent attempt at PSC verification and hence any possibility to write and erase. This IC is one of the most popular in the industry.

All cards conform to latest ISO standards for physical and electrical characteristics. Additionally, all Kedia Infotech Ltd  cards exceed 4000V ESD input and most exceed 100,000 Read/Write Cycles.

Kedia Infotech Ltd  offers a wide selection of contact and contactless smart cards to fit the exact needs of your application. Occasionally you may need a specific semiconductor to be embedded for an application that we do not currently offer. Kedia Infotech ltd will customize a card down to a full custom silicon solution with a OS and a custom module if you require it. Please Contact Us  for details.


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