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     Application hosting & hardware maintenance

                          • Application hosting on dedicated server.
                          • Managing the continuity and resolving the hardware issues .
                          • Application Continuity Management. 
                          • Availability Management. 
                          • Capacity Management .

     Software Maintenance

                          • Corrective Maintenance: To resolve the corrective, incidental issues and errors.
                          • Adaptive Maintenance:  Adoptions are made to the application as a result of external factors.
                          • Perfective Maintenance: To carry out functional modifications.

      Detailed coverage of following activity makes our maintenance service as a unique offering

                        • Modification management.
.                       • Maintenance and renewal .
                        • Configuration control .
                        • Program management and distribution.
                        • Dedicated team. 
                        • Lower cost resources. 
                        • Focus on Core activity with in-house team.
                        • Rapid Time to Realize and Time to Market the software product .

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