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University smart cards are an intelligent, programmable, credit card- sized computer with the potential to increase convenience, efficiency and security of a university and its non university partners. Growing numbers of University administrators are turning to smart cards to improve security and reduce vandalism on campuses.

KEDIA proposes and coordinates strategic partnerships that make it possible for a university to collaborate with other institutions such as banks, clinics and merchants for value added services to their students and staffs. The university smart card carries academic, personal, banking, health even life saving medical information in case of illness or accidents and merchant applications due to the in-built security features protect data. The cards also make it more convenient to gain access to equipment, charge cafeteria meals and even buy prom tickets.

Following are a few features of a University Smart Card:

Security: Smart cards can be electronic key rings, giving the bearer ability to access information and physical places without need for online connections. They are encryption devices, so that the user can encrypt and decrypt information without relying on unknown, and therefore potentially untrustworthy, appliances such as ATMs. Smart cards are very flexible in providing authentication at different level of the bearer and the counterpart.

The card access is determined by the University, limiting the buildings and hours accessible to each individual.

Flexibility: A single card can be used as an ID, a credit card, a stored-value cash card, and a repository of personal information. These cards can be easily replaced if lost. The card would be deactivated by the card reader if illegally used.

Multipurpose: An exciting feature of a smart card is that the technology allows it to perform many diverse functions. Each of these functions has its own set of inbuilt tamper-proof access safeguards to keep data secure and private.

Portable: Smart cards are the shape and size of the average credit card or identity card. The brain of which is a thin microprocessor embedded in small sections of the card itself.

Updateable: Information on the smart card can be updated, changed or erased anytime. Even new applications can be added to smart cards at any stage.

Efficient: Smart card transactions are quick and efficient. The advantage of a university card is the cost saving resulting from cutting down of administrative time and paperwork and reduction in transaction errors.

Following are a few services rendered by a University Smart Card:

Access: Provides as a keycard to campus housing (students), offices (staff), computer and science labs, academic buildings and park areas.

Personal data: Stores updateable name, address and contact information, identity card number, next of kin information and medical records (such as blood type, allergies and so on) in large numbers.

Student Information: Records such as mark sheets, courses undertaken, grade average, attendance, disciplinary record, academic standing, sports record, foreign student information, library privileges, school facility reservations, financial standing and scholarship information are stored.

Financial Transactions: Payment of university and tuition fees, receipt of funds or scholarship money, payment at university bookstore, payment at canteen, e-purse for on-campus purchases, payment/loyalty points/student discounts with select merchants.

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